2012. március 28., szerda


Mists Of Poveglia: Walking Through Forests Of Depression
New Winter Ambient album from UK!
Black'n'Grey printed disc on numbered paper case.
Limited Pro-CDr version with 4 bonus tracks in colored special case! Only 20 handnumbered copies!


2012. március 9., péntek

Out Now!!!

Forgotten Litanies - Songs For The Forgotten Ones
Depressive Black Metal from Spain!
First demo limited to 100 handnumbered copies!!

2012. március 5., hétfő

Coming Soon!!!

Angellore: Premiéres Liturgies - Soupirs d'Aurore
Compilation of French Atmospheric Doom Metal Band!
Limited to 50 handnumbered copies on A/5 sized "digipak" case